2021 Concert Series

Newcastle Youth Orchestra

in association

Julie Logan Music and Avondale Conservatorium


Noyes Fludde


Benjamin Britten

Noah Ark.jpg

God is angry, and a flood is coming! But Noah is building a boat, wide enough and deep enough for a cargo of birds and beasts, great and small. For forty days and forty nights, this chorus of unlikely shipmates endures a mighty storm, in the hope that a new world will be waiting for them on the other side.

A joyous new production of Benjamin Britten’s masterpiece combining the talents of professional singers, actors and musicians with those of school children and the local community.

Robert McDougall – Noah

Kathryn Dries – Mrs Noah

Carl Caulfield – The Voice of God


Ghillian Sullivan – Director

Ian Cook - Conductor

15th May at 7pm – Avondale College Church,

Freemans Drive – Cooranbong


29th May at 7pm– The Factory Theatre St Pius 10th High School – Park Avenue – Adamstown


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