It's a Wonderful Life

The time between finishing school and having a family, a job and a house is probably the most confusing, challenging and brilliant chapter of anyone's life..proclaims the philosophical nineteen year old. But really after being spoon-fed for 13 years of schooling, being pushed out into the real world you're forced to make actual important decisions that don't revolve around what you're going to wear or what you're having for breakfast. The future is limitless...and that is terrifying (exciting).

When I close my eyes, I see myself in many different places. Be it on stage or in a studio, my future will be centered around music, performance or production. I can feel the nervous excitement as huge red velvet curtains open to reveal a stage filled with talented musicians prepared to wow an anticipating audience. The moment of proudness and fulfilment that comes to applaud months of hard work, appreciated by any crowd.

Newcastle Youth Orchestra has exposed me to this feeling and it's something not everyone can experience. Though it is something everyone should experience.

Opportunities like NYO are special and limited, and only so many experiences can match the adrenaline felt after performing an exasperating set.. sky-diving comes to mind. Though after you land on the ground you would be proud of yourself for going through the operation so fearlessly, being in the Newcastle Youth Orchestra gives you a sense of pride in yourself for working hard and making the long term commitment. Learning the dots, communicating to an audience and co-operating and listening with your team require a lot more attention than jumping from a plane. I can imagine it's much more enjoyable too.

NYO is preparing me for things that may come in the future, I can't see myself doing or being anything else but a musician of some type. Bringing music to people who need it, or want it. I really want to explore every inch of the music industry, get involved and be immersed in everything about it. There is no aspect of music that douses my interest so in all honesty I couldn't be more excited to see where music will take me, starting with Newcastle Youth Orchestra.

Julia Rutten

Flautist, Newcastle Youth Orchestra 2013-present

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